Welcome to Captured by Cait – I’m Caitlin Moser.

At the ripe age of 22, I’m a Hospitality Management and Business graduate of Kansas State University, a photographer, and a mom.

Long ago photography reeled me in, and after focusing on how I’ve developed over the years – I shutter to think where I’d be without it (did I mention my passion for puns?).  My dad taught me everything about capturing images through the lens – from basic composition to editing; all of which have molded my style and inspired me to continue my craft.

I like my humor like I like my wine; dry with a hint of cantaloupe.

As far as scenery and ambience I love everything nature has to offer. I used to avoid using flashes like the plague but with better equipment comes better quality and now I utilize it when necessary.

Capturing the moment isn’t what my photography is about, it’s capturing the essence of the subject, WHO they are – not what they’re doing.